Gentelligent is committed to your privacy. The following details our privacy policy:

Personal information we collect: For the purpose of our free software trials, we require that you provide us with a name, organization, and email address. We record this information for the purposes of ensuring our trial versions are used in accordance with our policy (i.e., one trial per user), and for correlating and tracking statistics on downloads (e.g., total number of downloads, total number of downloads at large organizations, etc.). Also, we may periodically contact users to provide them with information such as the availability of upgrades, software patches, and to solicit user feedback in order to improve our products. We do not and will not disclose such information to any third party.

For software sales, we require information needed in order to validate the credit card provided by the customer. This information includes potentially personally identifiable information such as a credit card billing address. We record information related to each sale for marketing purposes, but we do not record credit card numbers or expiration dates. We do not and will not share customer sale information with any third party, except to a credit card authentication company, via an encrypted communication, for the sole purpose of conducting a purchase transaction. We also require that a computer name be provided for each software license purchased, and we record this data. This information is used solely to combat software piracy and to enforce our licensing policy, but it should be noted that such names may include personally indentifying information.

Other information we collect: Our web servers are configured to collect information routinely provided when conducting an internet http transaction. This information may include ip address, domain name, computer name, browser type and version, and related data. We may record this information, as well as individual page views on a per user basis. We may utilize cookies to better enable the tracking of such data. However, such collected data will be used solely for the purposes of improving the content and functionality of our web site, and will not be shared with any third party.

Notwithstanding the above, we may share personally identifiable information with outside parties when legally required to do so (for example, to comply with a court subpoena or in order to cooperate with law enforcement authorities).

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